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Prepare for Half-Term in Your Home

The autumn half term is rapidly approaching. As always, parents across the country are preparing for a week of constant entertainment, action filled days and most importantly, quality time together. However, we all know that the secret to surviving the next 168 hours is to stay organised. You can never be too prepared for the school holidays. So, today we are sharing with you our top 6 tips to stay as tidy as possible and combat the October half-term chaos. 1 – Store It Away The best way to stay... Read More

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Hangers, Hangers, Hangers …

Clothes Hangers – an essential part of clothes storage, by keeping it simple, keeps you organised and keeps your bedroom a gorgeous interior of envy. It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves sifting through our comfy knits and rearranging our wardrobes. But, have you ever thought to yourself just how crucial it is to organise your clothes correctly? Closet organisation is the key to not only maximising your storage space, but it also allows you to get the most out of your much-loved items. Hangers play an... Read More


Autumn 2019 Mood Board to Stylise Your Bedroom

If you’ve pulled on your waterproof coat before venturing out this week, uttered more than a fair few ‘ooh it’s a bit cold’s’ and even cranked up the heating for the first time in many months, then the reality has probably kicked in that the long days of summer are over. But forget lamenting the end of summer, it’s time to welcome autumn and turn your bedroom into a cosy nest to retreat to as the nights draw in. We’ve got some AW19/20 ideas to give your bedroom a fabulous... Read More

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Top Marie Kondo Tricks

We imagine a Marie Kondo morning routine would look a lot like this: wake up and pluck the perfect outfit from the wardrobe, have breakfast in a gleaming kitchen, pick up the keys and handbag from their designated spot and leave the house. That’s it. No drama, no fuss, just simple organisation making life easy. And if you’d like some of that Marie Kondo magic in your life, we have some top Marie Kondo tricks for a tidy home. 1. Stack your clothes vertically. Trust us, this trick will transform... Read More

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10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy

Ever feel like you race through the working week only to greet Saturday morning with a house that could be a contender for Britain’s Messiest Home? You’re not alone, as the majority of us put aside household chores like tidying and decluttering until the weekend. Instead, why not adopt the 10 minute Monday-Friday quick tidy routine and make your life a whole lot easier come Saturday? This is what you need to do. Monday: After a busy weekend with visitors coming and going, kids traipsing through the house, doing the... Read More

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Freshening Up Tricks To Sell Your Home Fast

As Sarah Beeny, George Clarke or Kirsty and Phil will tell you, people make up their minds about whether they want to buy your house very fast indeed. It takes just a quick glance around your lounge, a snoop in your kitchen and a meander upstairs and they’re able to give the yes or no. In fact, in this age of online property searches, some buyers will disregard your house from the online pictures alone. If you want to sell your home fast, we’ve got some freshening up tricks to... Read More

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5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter

Can you believe that classic show Friends will celebrate its 25th anniversary this autumn? Favourite bits? Ross’s ‘Pivot’, Janice’s ‘Oh. My. Gawd’, Phoebe’s first rendition of Smelly Cat and that time when Chandler discovered compulsive tidier Monica’s secret closet stuffed with all her junk. We could all relate because surely everyone has a cupboard just like that filled with things we’re just waiting to sort out! Monica kept her secret closet locked but there are much easier ways to hide your clutter- here are just 5. Coffee table. Every lounge... Read More


7 Stylish Clothes Rails for Awesome Extra Storage

Remember the days when you’d battle your way through the crowds of bargain hunters at an out of town furniture store to secure a trusty clothes rail? Nowadays you can sort out your clothes storage without even needing to wrangle a box (way too big) into the back of your car (way too small). Clothes rails are cost effective, portable and versatile. We have 7 stylish clothes rails for every life need. The adjustable one. When you buy a new clothes rail, who knows what it’ll end up storing. The... Read More

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Simple Ways to Screen Your Alcove Hanging Space

When you first went to look around your home, chances are that its quirky features are what sold it to you. That curved wall in the bathroom, the sloping ceiling in the little bedroom, and those cute alcoves in the master. Yet, the things that first attract you to a house can also be the ones that cause a dilemma when you come to make it a home. The trick is to embrace the quirks of your house and make the best use of the space. Like turning a bedroom... Read More


Monochrome Your Home

Laurel and Hardy, a 99 with a Flake, sun and sand. There are some pairings that are such classics that you can never imagine the one without the other. The same is true with interiors and one of our very favourite interior design twinsets is black and white- the classic monochrome look. And if you fancy bringing some contemporary yet classic monochrome to your home, we’ll show you how to make it work in every room of your house. In the master bedroom. There are so many ways to interpret... Read More