Organising your Garage

How to make your garage a place to be proud of Let’s be honest, many of us use our garages as a dumping ground. It ends up not only being the place for tools, old paints, gardening equipment and bicycles, but also sports equipment, suitcases, Christmas decorations and even old and broken items of furniture and appliances. So, the first step to organising your garage is to have a thorough clear out. Declutter the space, be ruthless. That old broken chair you thought you might one day get around to... Read More

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Create your own wardrobe space

It all started with Carrie Bradshaw. When we saw Carrie living it up in New York City, in an apartment that was 90% closet, we got a sense of wardrobe envy that never really left us. And those gorgeous walk in wardrobes just keep on coming our way on Netflix. We’re absolutely in love with Tasha St. Patrick’s closet in Power- worth watching for just the closet alone! But with estimates for walk-in wardrobes coming it at tens of thousands of pounds, there has to be a cheaper alternative to... Read More

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5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter

Can you believe that classic show Friends celebrated its 25th anniversary not so long ago? Favourite bits? Ross’s ‘Pivot’, Janice’s ‘Oh. My. Gawd’, Phoebe’s first rendition of Smelly Cat and that time when Chandler discovered compulsive tidier Monica’s secret closet stuffed with all her junk. We could all relate because surely everyone has a cupboard just like that filled with things we’re just waiting to sort out! Monica kept her secret closet locked but there are much easier ways to hide your clutter- here are just 5. Coffee table. Every... Read More


Homely Christmas Harmony

You’ve got three people sleeping in your spare room, two on the sofa bed in the lounge, kids (and their stuff) everywhere you look and dinner for 13 to prepare by 1pm. It can only be Christmas! Our usual restful homes can become places we hardly recognise in the festive season as friends and family surge through the doors with armfuls of gifts and heaps of expectations. Here are our 5 expert tips on creating harmony in your home this Christmas. Just breathe. If your to-do list is off the... Read More

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Christmas Home Organisation

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Ok, snow may not be glistening on the lanes just yet. But hands up if you’re already channelling your inner Noddy Holder. Yep, us too! November is all but over (don’t forget those Black Friday deals!) and Christmas is well and truly on the way. Now is definitely the right time to start our Christmas preparation. Before we get lost in rolls of wrapping paper, let’s begin our Christmas preparation with some all-important home organisation. Let’s face it, we all go a little overboard... Read More

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Organise your kitchen with simple & stylish pantry-style shelving

With the recent rise in popularity for quirky, pantry style kitchens and authentic elements that add an instant traditional feel to homes, people are increasingly searching for simple, affordable ways to create a dual-functional space, for both cooking and dining that is stunning and practical in equal measure.So how can you create this look in your own kitchen or display? Author and Chef, Louis Parrish said: “If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life.” And if that’s the case, which we firmly believe it is, then practical... Read More


Monochrome Your Home

Laurel and Hardy, a 99 with a Flake, sun and sand. There are some pairings that are such classics that you can never imagine the one without the other. The same is true with interiors and one of our very favourite interior design twinsets is black and white- the classic monochrome look. And if you fancy bringing some contemporary yet classic monochrome to your home, we’ll show you how to make it work in every room of your house. In the master bedroom. There are so many ways to interpret... Read More

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Student Essentials

It’s a pivotal moment in a young person’s life; flying the nest to head off to university. It means new friends, a new place to live and a whole heap of new responsibilities too. Shopping, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning…starting university can be a huge learning curve in more ways than one! Thankfully, Access Self Storage came up with The Ultimate University Checklist packed with everything an undergraduate could need (and not a tin of beans in sight!). Oyster laundry hamper. One of the first things you learn at university is... Read More

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10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy

Ever feel like you race through the working week only to greet Saturday morning with a house that could be a contender for Britain’s Messiest Home? You’re not alone, as the majority of us put aside household chores like tidying and decluttering until the weekend. Instead, why not adopt the 10 minute Monday-Friday quick tidy routine and make your life a whole lot easier come Saturday? This is what you need to do. Monday: After a busy weekend with visitors coming and going, kids traipsing through the house, doing the... Read More

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5 Quick Updates for your Conservatory

One of the very best things about this time of year is being able to use our conservatories once more! Throwing open the doors to balmy days and lighter summer evenings when your kitchen, conservatory and garden seem to merge into one huge living and entertaining space. Many homes now have a conservatory, but are you using yours to its full potential? We have 5 quick updates to really get the most from your conservatory. 1) The green connection. Back in the 17th century, a conservatory was used as more... Read More