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Easy Craft & DIY Projects to Try This Easter

Something weird and wonderful happens to us all at Easter. It’s like the long four day weekend galvanises us to do those jobs we’ve been storing up over the winter. Toolboxes are suddenly unearthed from the garage, paintbrushes are dusted off and we turn in one person DIY whirlwinds with more creativity than we’ve felt for months. Maybe it’s the spring sunshine. Maybe it’s the extra time off work. But whatever it is, make the most of coming Easter weekend with these easy craft and DIY projects. 1) A chair... Read More


Organised Study Time

Most of us can remember waiting nervously outside the sports hall clutching our clear pencil case crammed with pens (and back up pens!) in readiness for our exams. But when your children are in the same boat, or we undertake exams as adults, it can feel even more nerve-racking! Thankfully though, there’s much you can do to help yourself or your child to get prepared for exams, whether it’s SATs, GCSEs, A Levels, university or post graduate exams, here’s what the experts recommend: Shorter study periods. You might have been... Read More


Steaming Like A Pro

Ben Fridja first used clothes steamers whilst working at Topshop Oxford Circus, taking clothes from the stock room to getting them shop floor ready. The steamers he used were big, bulky and ugly but necessary for flattening out creases and making clothes look presentable in a flash. At 27, Ben decided the time was right to create his own steamer that looked as good as the clothes it was looking after. The result was Fridja, and we at Urbaboxx are delighted to stock a whole range of Fridja Clothes Steamers.... Read More


Spring Into Storage

There’s nothing like a gorgeous new homeware item to put a spring into your step and we’re all smiles here at Urbablogg because we’ve got some brilliant new furniture storage that we think you’re going to love. Not only lovely to look at, these ingenious pieces are also space saving storage saviours that are going to solve your home storage niggles this spring. The compact and clever desk. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a whole room to devote to an office, and so ‘the office’ is usually... Read More

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Spruce up and Spring Clean

Hip hip hooray it’s the first day of spring today and we’re feeling ready to shake off the winter gloom and spruce up and spring clean our homes! The tradition of spring cleaning has been around for hundreds of years and goes back to the days of coal fires, animal fat candles and cramped airless spaces. Modern homes have moved on, but many of us still revel in throwing open the windows and giving the house a thorough clean. If that’s you, here are some expert tips to get you... Read More


Organising your loft space

If there’s one area of the home that gets a raw deal when it comes to organisation, it’s the loft. We shove bin bags of assorted clothes, shoes and goodness knows what else up there and pretty much forget about it until the next time we need something. Cue mad scramble to the loft and a lost hour trying to find what you need! But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re lucky enough to have a loft, this is your biggest storage opportunity in your whole home-... Read More

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The Your Home guide to storage

“We’ve all jumped on the tidying bandwagon this year,” says one of our favourite home magazines Your Home and we couldn’t agree more. As we Marie Kondo every inch of our homes we’re coming alive to the sheer pleasure of every drawer organised, Clothes Rails with clothes perfectly aligned and shoes arranged in neat rows. In fact, until you’ve had a go yourself, you won’t know just how satisfying tidying can be, and Your Home are leading the way with a feature on clever storage solutions to “make the space... Read More

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5 storage items to Marie Kondo your home

Who’d have thought that tidying up could be such an emotional experience. But if you’ve watched the brand new Tidying Up With Marie Kondo series on Netflix, you can be in no doubt that it absolutely is! Tears, wrangling with unwieldy clothes mountains and grappling with years of ingrained bad habits make this show compulsive viewing. And our favourite bit? Not only the transformation of the home into a calm and organised space, but the transformation of how the homeowners feel about their home. With tidying no longer something to... Read More

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Creating a craft space

More and more of us are getting into crafting. Whether it’s a way to de-stress after a long day, a hobby to while away the long winter nights or even a possible new business venture, crafting is creative, fun and something you can easily do at home. We caught up with some top crafters to find out their craft secrets: 1) Finding the perfect spot Mand from Woolfull.com says: “Having your own dedicated craft space at home is beneficial for actually doing your crafts, and also keeps all your materials... Read More


Spring Looks You’ll Love

It’s never too early to get all optimistic for spring. We’re dreaming of ditching heavy winter coats for light macs, swapping boots for sneakers, and actually being able to leave the house without a woolly hat, scarf and gloves! And to help get you in the mood for spring, we’ve been taking a look at what Spring Summer 2019 has to offer us in the wardrobe stakes- and it’s looking very, very good! 1) Beautiful beige. Yep, you read it right, beige. To get into the swing of spring, you... Read More