Top Marie Kondo Tricks

We imagine a Marie Kondo morning routine would look a lot like this: wake up and pluck the perfect outfit from the wardrobe, have breakfast in a gleaming kitchen, pick up the keys and handbag from their designated spot and leave the house. That’s it. No drama, no fuss, just simple organisation making life easy. And if you’d like some of that Marie Kondo magic in your life, we have some top Marie Kondo tricks for a tidy home.

1. Stack your clothes vertically. Trust us, this trick will transform your morning routine and make you feel smugly organised too. And it’s super easy to do. Instead of folding everything in your drawers on top of each other (or truth be told, just throwing it in), take the time to fold clothes into neat parcels and stack upright. The same drawer will hold more clothes, look so much tidier, and it’ll be a breeze to find what you need. If you have really big drawers, use storage boxes to separate into sections as it’ll be easier to keep organised. A word of warning though, once you’ve invested the time to sort and stack, you’ve got to keep the new system going each and every time you put stuff away.

2. Declutter what doesn’t spark joy. If you went through your wardrobe and sorted it into two piles, clothes worn in the last 6 months and clothes worn less than that, we reckon the second pile would be much, much bigger. Fear of letting go can cause us to hold onto clothes that we no longer need, wear or even like. Sort, sell and donate what you don’t need, and suddenly you’ll be able to select the perfect outfit in no time too. And when you know exactly how much clothing storage space you need, try one of these clothes rails for size.

3. Sort your Tupperware. No-one enjoys the scramble through the Tupperware drawer or cupboard for a matching container and lid, do they? What if you could shave minutes off your morning routine with a little Marie Kondo organisation? The vertical stacking technique works just as well with plastic containers. Just find a lid for every pot, then stack upwards. It’s so much easier to get the container you want without toppling over the tower like an impromptu game of kitchen jenga!

4. Put like with like. The reason homes become messy is when items that aren’t meant to be stored together suddenly merge. To rectify this problem with a sprinkling of Marie Kondo magic, you just need to put like with like. Marie Kondo sorts by category rather than room, so pick your category and get organising. A great one to start with is books. Keep the ones you love, donate the ones that don’t spark that essential joy and create a dedicated space. These wall shelves could come in handy!

5. Create a routine. But perhaps the most useful tip for keeping your home tidy is this, create a tidying routine. In the evening once the children are in bed, Marie Kondo likes to put everything back into its designated home. So cushions back onto sofas, toys back in toy boxes, the phone back into its cradle. These small actions (Marie estimates it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes) will ensure you wake up to a tidy and organised home!

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Top Marie Kondo Tricks
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Top Marie Kondo Tricks
... find out how top organising guru, Marie Kondo can help you with a few fast and snazzy tricks to create a tidy home...
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