The Your Home guide to storage

“We’ve all jumped on the tidying bandwagon this year,” says one of our favourite home magazines Your Home and we couldn’t agree more. As we Marie Kondo every inch of our homes we’re coming alive to the sheer pleasure of every drawer organised, Clothes Rails with clothes perfectly aligned and shoes arranged in neat rows. In fact, until you’ve had a go yourself, you won’t know just how satisfying tidying can be, and Your Home are leading the way with a feature on clever storage solutions to “make the space you already have work in the smartest way possible.”

  1. Visualise your outfits. Choosing what to wear becomes a whole lot easier when you can quickly see and access what you have. That’s why Your Home picked our brilliant Heavy Duty Clothes Rail with Shelves as one of their top storage picks. This clothes rail is made of black industrial grade steel tubing meaning you can load on up to 100kg of your favourite clothes and, as Your Home says, you can use the “shelves at the top and bottom for your entire ensemble.”
  2. Space saving stackables. You don’t want to invest all that time in tidying only to realise that you need something right at the bottom of the pile! So Your Home suggest our brilliant really useful front opening plastic Storage Box which will “keep even the largest shoe collection in check” while the front opening makes “grabbing a pair from the bottom easy.” Carrie Bradshaw would weep with joy at the sight of these space saving shoe stackables!
  3. Slim hangers. Making the most of wardrobe space maximises your storage, one easy way to do this is with slim hangers says Your Home who advise that “non-slip velvet ones are the kindest to your clothes.” That’s another storage dilemma we can quickly sort out for you with our super space saving (and gentle on clothes) Black Velvet Hangers.
  4. Less space vacuum bags. Everyone has clothes and accessories that they don’t wear all the time cluttering up their closet but there is a way of storing them that takes up far less room- vacuum bags! Your Home are big fans of the vacuum bag saying they’ll keep “out of season attire clean, moth free and taking up less space.” Try our many options of Vacuum Storage Bags.
  5. Organised offices. Your Home even turned their attention to stationery organisation with lots of dinky organisers to “turn a living room corner into a great part-time office”. Who wouldn’t love these cute Interlocking Storage Canisters for their paper clips and this Grid Mesh Panel as their home office memo board?
  6. Essential items. “For fuss free mornings, try to keep only in-season and essential items near your front door” says Your Home. Brilliant advice that you can easily follow with our White 4 Tier Shoe Rack, and maybe a peg or two above for coats? Don’t forget to grab your copy of April’s Your Home Magazine for more ideas on maximising your home storage, out now!
The Your Home guide to storage
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The Your Home guide to storage
Urbaboxx feature in the latest edition of Your Home magazine and in true Marie Kondo fashion, it's time to clear your clutter!
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