The Messiest Areas of the Home

Urbablogg has got a confession, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright messy. We just can’t keep our shoes tidy. We know, we know, how hard is it really? Walk through the door, place shoes together neatly and ready to step into as you leave the house. Reality- walk through the door, kick off shoes with abandon then spend ten minutes searching high and low for missing shoe when trying to leave the house. A quick straw poll around the Urbaboxx office reveals that we’re not alone (phew), and that most of us struggle to keep the hallway tidy. It’s officially one of the messiest areas of the home…but it’s not the only one.

  1. The hallway. Unless you’re Mr. Bean, the hallway has to be the number one, undisputed messiest area of the home. Anything more than one set of shoes and it starts to look untidy. So, if you like to switch it up and wear more than one pair and, you know, invite people over sometimes, then a solution is needed for this messy home area. The Black Straand Shoe Cabinet is it. Its black glossy doors and walnut frame make it look like a stylish cupboard but open the folding drawers and you have space for umpteen pairs of shoes. Go for the 4 drawer version and you’ll be able to invite the whole street over.
  2. The utility room. Loads of washing waiting to be washed, dry piles of clothes waiting to be ironed, random shoes (that’s where it went!) and it’s easy to see why the utility room is one of the messiest areas of the home. And that’s before you factor in pet paraphernalia, cleaning materials and heaps of bags for life! Turn your utility from messy to mesmerising with a few storage tricks. One massive Laundry Basket, one 6ft grid mesh shelving unit featuring four heavy duty wire baskets. And if your utility room is by the back door, then it’ll definitely benefit from the White Straand Shoe Cabinet. Let the minimalist white gloss front and 2 or 4 drawers store your shoes to perfection.
  3. The under-stairs cupboard. Is there anything more mortifying than a guest reaching into the under-stairs cupboard to put away a coat or shoes only to receive an avalanche of junk in their head? The under-stairs cupboard is one of the messiest areas of the home for sure and is well overdue a tidy, question is how do you organise such a teeny tiny space? First up, a rail; this Chrome Tube Hanging Rail just 1m long. Second, the tiniest shoe cabinet you can find. The 2 drawer Oak Novva Shoe Cabinet is just over 800mm high and 630mm wide. That’s it, no more embarrassing mishaps when Auntie Mabel comes over for tea.
  4. The spare room. You hunted high and low for a home with a coveted spare room, and what do you do with it now? Well, you chuck all of your winter clothes and shoes in there of course and make it into one of the messiest areas of your home. Quickly sort out the untidiness with a handy clothes rail, just take your pick and then add a Grey Straand Shoe Cabinet. The sleek grey will give the spare room a chic, contemporary look and it’ll double as a bedside table too- result!
The Messiest Areas of the Home
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The Messiest Areas of the Home
Simple and stunning ways to store your shoes with the help of NEW Urbaboxx Straand and Novva Shoe Cabinets.
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