The Beauty of Being Square

Be there or be square says the old saying. Don’t be a square says another (even older one). Granted, being a ‘square’ probably isn’t the worst insult that’ll be hurled your way during your lifetime. But, when you think about it, there’s a whole load of positivity around squares too. How many times have you said that you’re just going to square things up as you pay the bill or ‘let’s make it fair and square’ as you sort out a deal. And when you take a look at the new Maxximo range of square furniture, we reckon you’ll be feeling the positivity of being square too. Question is, how much square can you take?

1 Square.  The entry level, gentle introduction to the land of square furniture are the Maxximo single cubes.  What do you do with them? Whatever you fancy really. Use as simple, minimalist storage in the kitchen, bedroom or lounge; put in on the wall as a shelf and gradually ease yourself into the world of square storage. The open front of the single square cubes mean you can display and store at the same time. Then, when you need more space, just add more squares! Like to keep your stuff out of sight? Go for the Maxximo single cube with door.

2 squares. Building up your square muscles and ready for something bigger? The Maxximo 2 cube is what you’re after. Solid and sturdy, you’ve got two cubes worth of storage here to play with and as they’re stacked, it’s the ideal size for a bedside table. Or, flip it horizontally and have it near the door as a handy seat and shoe storage area for the kids (a couple of baskets in the open cubes and you’ll never have to see the mess either).

3 squares. Yes! You’re building up your square credentials and with the Maxximo 3 cube things are getting interesting. The 3 cube is the brilliant storage solution for things you need or want quick access to. Use them inside a fitted wardrobe to stack t-shirts and trousers. Use them in the kids’ playroom to store their books and games (they look great in 2s or 3s), and even in the lounge to create your own bespoke TV display unit.

4 squares.  When you’re ready to go the whole hog, only the 4 square storage furniture will do and you’ll be amazed by just what you can do with the Maxximo 4 cube. We all love open plan living but sometimes you want to have distinct areas within a home whilst still having the sense of space. Style a few of the Maxximo 4 cube storage units vertically and you have an instant room divider. Don’t want anything so tall? Try the Maxximo 4 cube square and you can divide a room whilst still being able to see all areas of the space at once.

Even more squares. Fully embracing the square lifestyle? Good on you, and there’s no need to hold back now. The Maxximo cube system can be used in any combination and order that you fancy. What about a 4 cube, next to a 3, then a 2 and a 1? Or some 4 cube squares with some single doored cubes on top? Turns out, being square is a pretty good thing to be.

The Beauty of Being Square
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The Beauty of Being Square
Take a look at the new Maxximo range. The ‘let’s make it fair and square’ furniture, which will have you feeling the positivity of being square. Question is, how much square can you take?
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