Steaming Like A Pro

Ben Fridja first used clothes steamers whilst working at Topshop Oxford Circus, taking clothes from the stock room to getting them shop floor ready. The steamers he used were big, bulky and ugly but necessary for flattening out creases and making clothes look presentable in a flash. At 27, Ben decided the time was right to create his own steamer that looked as good as the clothes it was looking after. The result was Fridja, and we at Urbaboxx are delighted to stock a whole range of Fridja Clothes Steamers. Trust us, once you have one of these beauties in your life, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Here are Ben’s tips on steaming like a pro!

  1. Steaming suit trousers. If you wear suits and dry clean two suits a month, you’ll be spending £312 every year! Yet suits can easily be steamed at home with a Fridja steamer saving hundreds of pounds. At Urbaboxx, our bestselling steamer is the Fridja black F1400. Start by raising the telescopic pole from the steamer and folding out the hanger. Fold your trousers so the creases are at the edges and attach the waistband to the hanger’s trouser hooks. Attach the clasp attachment to the hand held steamer then run up and down each edge of each trouser leg to create perfect creases before removing the clasp attachment. Then run the steamer head up and down the trousers. Ben adds: “Dry cleaning is time consuming and expensive, and the harsh detergents that are used aren’t good for the fibres whereas steaming realigns the fabric and returns it to its shop bought glory.”
  2. Steaming shirts. Shirts are a daily work wardrobe necessity, but dry cleaning just one shirt each week works out at over £168 a year. If your shirts just need to be refreshed and deodorised, then steaming is ideal, and the added benefit is that you won’t need to iron them either! Start by applying the clasp attachment to your chosen steamer (the F100 offers over 65 minutes of continuous steam) and placing the shirt onto the hanger in the normal way with top button done up. Then, holding the front of the shirt at the bottom edge, lightly run the steamer along the placket of the shirt. Then, Ben advises: “Turn the collar up and run the steamer head away from you, now do the same with each cuff. For the main body, hold the shirt at the bottom and glide the steamer up in short strokes.”
  3. Steaming suit jackets. Most often tucked over the back of your chair, the suit jacket rarely gets dirty, but does need to be kept looking fresh and pressed. The steamer is just the thing! Pop the jacket on the hanger as usual and start by steaming the lapels, then the back of the jacket and finally the arms. Ben suggests: “Every 5 times you would have taken your suit to the dry cleaners you could have steamed it four times. Not only does this save you money and time but the material won’t get slowly worse due to the harsh chemicals used at the dry cleaners.”

As well as clothes though, you can use your steamer to get creases out of curtains without even taking them down, to magic crinkles out of bedding whilst it’s on the bed and even to remove nasty niffs from your mattress. Then there’s toys, delicate items like silk and upholstery- once you get started with your Fridja cleaner, there will be no stopping you!

Steaming Like A Pro
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Steaming Like A Pro
Steaming your clothes is the cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting clothes, dedicates and linens of any shape or size, crease-free and ready-to-go. So choose a steamer which looks as cool as your clothes, the Fridja steamer, while adding that professional touch to your entire wardrobe and beyond.
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