Spring Into Storage

There’s nothing like a gorgeous new homeware item to put a spring into your step and we’re all smiles here at Urbablogg because we’ve got some brilliant new furniture storage that we think you’re going to love. Not only lovely to look at, these ingenious pieces are also space saving storage saviours that are going to solve your home storage niggles this spring.

  1. The compact and clever desk. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a whole room to devote to an office, and so ‘the office’ is usually a corner of the bedroom, lounge or wherever else you can carve off a slice of space, but most desks are too big and bulky to do the job properly. Our new ladder shelving with desk is your knight in shining armour, delivering not only two shelves but a dinky desk too, and all taking up only 840mm of width space. This Ladder Shelving Desk will look amazing in a range of home styles, from urban and sleek to Scandi chic. And if you need to add more office space over time, you can simply add other pieces from the Tivva Ladder range!
  2. The corner storage unit. Not everyone has heaps of floor space to play around with when it comes to storage units, and that’s where you have to get creative! What everyone will have though (unless they live in a lighthouse!) is a corner to house our new Ladder Corner Shelving Unit. Just the thing for bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges for displaying your books, ornaments and plants. For a piece of statement storage furniture, our top pick is the black Ladder Corner Shelving Unit, also available in white.
  3. The space saving bookshelf. Bookshelves are often drab, uninspired pieces of furniture but we put up with them because they make the most of our vertical space. However, with our new Ladder Shelving Bookcase you can enjoy a cool contemporary look whilst still having heaps of space for your beloved books! Just 640mm in width, this space saving piece of ladder furniture will bring you bang on trend and up the organisational ante at the same time! Available in white too.
  4. The endless use cube storage. Need a quirky storage unit to sit either side of your bed, or an easy storage solution for your office, children’s playroom or the lounge? Our new cube storage solutions are what you need. They can be arranged in endless combinations, giving you just the right amount of storage for your space. Get a single furniture cube, two, three or four vertical cubes or a four cube square! These beauties are made from solid oak too!
  5. The modern display unit. Display units have come a long way from those mammoth 80s cabinets that seemed to dominate the whole room! Our modern Display Units have just as much storage potential but with a fresher silhouette. Our favourite style? Probably the Becca with its hotch-potch of different sized shelves. You could create some amazing #shelfies with this funky display unit.
Spring Into Storage
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Spring Into Storage
Awesome new storage furniture and nifty ladder desks and shelving from Urbaboxx. Create the look in any room of your home or use the clever cube units or display shelving to divide your room in style!
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