Simple Ways to Screen Your Alcove Hanging Space

When you first went to look around your home, chances are that its quirky features are what sold it to you. That curved wall in the bathroom, the sloping ceiling in the little bedroom, and those cute alcoves in the master. Yet, the things that first attract you to a house can also be the ones that cause a dilemma when you come to make it a home. The trick is to embrace the quirks of your house and make the best use of the space. Like turning a bedroom alcove into a wardrobe; and to keep your clothes off-show we’ve got some simple ways to screen your alcove hanging space.

  1. Doors. If you want the traditional wardrobe look, then fitting your alcove with traditional doors should be your go-to. It keeps your clothes out of sight (ideal if you’re not the clothes hung with military precision type of person) and your bedroom looking tidy. Start with a simple hanging rail and add some cupboard doors (check if you can get away with standard sized cupboard doors from a local DIY shop, if not, you can buy custom sizes online). Cue instant (and private) closet space.
  2. Victorian screen panel. After something traditional, we’ve got to give you the unusual option and a Victorian screen panel for your wardrobe alcove is just that. But it’s also practical too, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of a walk in wardrobe with easy access to your clothes, and chuck the screen in place when needed (you have guests and your wardrobe is not fit for company!). Scour eBay for a bargain vintage screen and treat yourself to some quality wooden hangers to match.
  3. Material. One of the quickest and easiest ways to create a clothes storage area in a bedroom alcove is with a shoe rack, a hanging rail and some material. A stylish 2 drawer grey Straand shoe cabinet takes care of the shoes, a simple alcove chrome tube kit takes care of the clothes. And to screen? You could use a curtain or pair of curtains (depending on the size of the space), in a style that suits your bedroom. Something filmy and transparent if you’d like to give a hint of what’s beneath or thicker material for full on coverage.
  4. Stained glass. To really celebrate your quirky alcove wardrobe, why not try an arty glass pane? Frosted glass might be for you, or even stained glass to add a little wow factor. You can often find a local glass merchant who will cut glass to size and maybe even fit it too. The benefits of glass are that you can choose just which sections of your alcove wardrobe you want to be visible to others. A little glass panel near the top adds interest whilst still keeping things looking tidy. These storage boxes will definitely help in keeping your new alcove wardrobe tidy too!
  5. Sliding doors and more. So you could go for sliding doors, stable doors or even one of those 70s beaded curtains for your alcove but really, if you’ve gone to all that effort to create an alcove wardrobe maybe you should show it off. Add an unusual wallpaper to the inside of your alcove, a 2m hanging rail, maybe a few little shelves and you’ll have an alcove wardrobe that it’d be a crime to hide!
    Photo by Roberto Martinez on Unsplash
Simple Ways to Screen Your Alcove Hanging Space
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Simple Ways to Screen Your Alcove Hanging Space
Open clothing storage is the modern way and making a style statement with your fashions, is a fun and quirky interior design trend. However, sometimes when short of time, clothing just gets thrown back up, and it's not looking as glamorous as we'd like. So here's how we can we easily screen the disarray in a quick , creative temporary way as well as more permanent options.
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