Prepare For Your Christmas Out-of-Towners

Christmas is a magical time of year. It’s a time for family, friends and loved ones. Sharing in the joy that the festive season brings. Many of us welcome our loved ones into our homes to stay at Christmastime, as we try to slow down and enjoy the Christmas cheer together.

As good hosts, we want our Christmas guests to feel welcome and comfortable as our home community expands to include our extended family. The last thing we need at this special time of year is for petty squabbles about a lack of storage space to spill over into full-on family feuds.

So here’s our handy tips on home organisation to make your guest room functional and festive this Christmas.

A Place to Hang Clothes. The old saying goes that if you’re staying somewhere for more than one night then you should unpack your clothes. So providing space in your guest room for your guests to hang their clothes is important in making them feel welcome. Our Koolstof Chrome Wire Clothes Rack is perfect for your spare room. It comes with four 35L storage boxes, which you can use to store away those extra pillows, duvets and blankets once your guests leave. There are lots of clever and functional options in our Koolstof range, so you’re sure to find your ideal extra storage solution.

These great Wall-Mounted Hanging Rails make a fabulous alternative if floor space a premium in your guest room. And be sure to have a handful of quality clothes hangers available for your guests to use. We love these Wooden Hangers with clips. Imagine how festive they’d look wrapped in tinsel, or adorned with personalised baubles. Now that’s a way to make sure your Christmas guests feel festive and welcome!

An Uncluttered Entranceway. Your front door and hallway should be welcoming and uncluttered. Add a wreath to your door and keep a Christmas-scented diffuser nearby. There’s nothing more festive than the aromatic fusion of cinnamon, cloves, sweet orange and spices to welcome your guests for Christmas. Now you’ve set the festive mood, don’t spoil it with a mountain of shoes piled next to the door. Our functional and stylish Shoe Rack is the perfect storage solution with space for up to 24 pairs of shoes. Or if you’d prefer to hide shoes away, then take a look at our new range of Straand Shoe Cabinets. Choose from two or four drawers, depending on how much shoe storage you need, and keep your entranceway uncluttered and inviting.

Shelving for Personal Bits & Bobs. No doubt your guests will have brought some of their personal things with them for their seasonal stay in your home. Give them somewhere to keep their toiletries, perfumes, make-up, jewellery and hair products. We love our Corner Ladder Shelving for saving space and looking great with its stylish functionality. Make it Christmassy with a mini Christmas tree on the top shelf and a small plate of freshly baked Christmas cookies for that cheeky midnight snack.

Our handy Christmas home organisation tips will help to keep your home tidy and your guests feeling festive, so you can all enjoy the festive season together.

Photo by Nadia Pimenova on Unsplash

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