Prepare for Half-Term in Your Home

The autumn half term is rapidly approaching.

As always, parents across the country are preparing for a week of constant entertainment, action filled days and most importantly, quality time together. However, we all know that the secret to surviving the next 168 hours is to stay organised. You can never be too prepared for the school holidays. So, today we are sharing with you our top 6 tips to stay as tidy as possible and combat the October half-term chaos.

1 – Store It Away

The best way to stay organised while school is out is to make room in your home. This starts by tidying and clearing away anything that you won’t necessarily be reaching for on a daily basis.  Our fantastic range of Urbaboxx storage boxes is perfect for organising and decluttering your home. You can use them to store away the children’s schoolbooks, stationery and homework that they won’t need during the holidays. For days when you’re feeling creative, our interlocking storage canisters and caddies are perfect for keeping arts and crafts under control.

2 – Bags are Your Best Friend

If the boxes weren’t great enough, take a look at our collection of convenient storage bags. Our sets of Vacuum storage bags are perfect for keeping your clothes organised from last season as you switch into your Autumn/Winter wear. Our Urbaboxx under-bed storage bags are fantastic for hiding away, unsightly colourful toys. They fit perfectly under the bed and can easily be reached for rainy in-door days.

3 – Keeping the Essentials Close By

While we’ve talked about storage, another excellent tip for a tidy home is always to set aside a group of items that you will possibly need close to hand. This can include puzzles, games and books for days where your plans may change last minute. The reason this tip keeps your home and children’s rooms organised is that you can easily access what we like to call, ‘The Emergency Toy Stash’. These selected items will be your ammunition in the event of bad weather or cancelled plans. We recommend using one of our Chrome Wire Shelving units to allocate space for all of your child’s favourite activities. Check out our fantastic variety of shelving at Urbaboxx, where there is something to suit all styles and spaces.

4 – Create Your Very Own Library

Spend the day creating your very own at-home library. Our Tivva Ladder Bookcase units are perfect for creating a fantastic display of your children’s favourite storybooks. Take a trip to your nearest bookstore or re-organised your collection of books for an ideal presentation. This method not only declutters your space but makes it easy for you to reach your favourite book when it’s needed. Impress your friends with your beautiful, organised masterpiece.

5 – Little & Often Laundry

Laundry is one of those things that creeps up on us when we least expect it. We already have enough to deal with during half-term, the last thing you need is the laundry piling up. The best way to tackle this is little and often, start by keeping one of our Urbaboxx laundry baskets handy and organise small wash piles each day to regularly keep on top of things. That way the laundry is attended to, and you can get on with enjoying the rest of your day, without worrying if you’ll run out of socks.

6 – Plan Your Week Ahead

The final tip we have for staying in control of your life during half-term is to plan ahead. Preparation of the home is vital, but setting a structure to your week in advance will help you mentally prepare for the upcoming activities and events you have planned. Create a list of everything that you can possibly organise before half-term commences, this way, you can focus on tidying up and decluttering to prepare for a fun-filled week, enjoy exciting activities as a family and make precious memories.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Prepare for Half-Term in Your Home
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Prepare for Half-Term in Your Home
With the school half term approaching, preparation of the home is vital, but setting a structure to your week in advance will help you mentally prepare for the upcoming activities and events you have planned.
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