Organising Your Laundry Room

Get ready to organise your laundry room with these neat storage and space-saving ideas …

One thing is pretty much guaranteed in life: there will always be more laundry to do. Whether it’s bedding, towels or your partner’s floordrobe that has finally made it to the laundry basket, there’s always at least one load of washing taunting us. And, let’s be honest, here in the UK there aren’t many dry-on-the-line days to enjoy. So, for much of the year, we’re going to be washing, cleaning, drying and ironing our clothes indoors. If ever there was a time to get that all-important laundry room organised, it’s now. It’s time to declutter and simplify this space in our home.

Get ready to organise your laundry room with these neat storage and space-saving ideas, without compromising on interior design and still achieving that sleek minimalist look.

Shelving Space. We cannot begin to get organised without somewhere to stack, store and hideaway our things. This is as true in the laundry room as anywhere else in the home. In fact, it’s more true here because space is probably at a premium. Our Klassiek Narrow Chrome Wire Shelving Unit is ideal for the laundry room. Having a depth of just 350mm, it’s perfect for limited space, whilst at the same time being strong enough to take up to 150kg of weight per shelf. That’s a lot of laundry powder! Plus, the Storage Boxes are secure with snap-on lids, so there’s no need to worry that your little one – or fur baby – will find the wash tablets.

More Shelving Space. Did we mention that the key to organisation was having beautifully designed storage space? Not everyone has the floorspace to have stylish Freestanding Shelving, and so clever wall shelving is the answer here. Our range of Adjustable Shelving is ideal for any space with loads of sizes and styles to choose from, including robust steel and practical wood in various colours and finishes.

Clever Storage. The key to achieving a minimalist look with open shelving is clever storage. Having lots of different washing products and laundry tools out on display will look messy and cluttered. Try decanting wash powder into these fab Acrylic Stackable Boxes, along with your pegs, spare buttons, wash tablets and lint roller refills.

Laundry Baskets. Avoid the dreaded piles of washing that take over the floor, couch, worktops as you sort your laundry into washloads with dedicated baskets in your laundry room. We think you’ll love our Chrome Wheeled Laundry baskets. If you’ve got space for three of the smaller size in your laundry room, that’s one for darks, whites and colours. Perfect for laundry organisation!
And imagine how easy it will be to gather up and sort out everyone’s washing with our best selling Oyster Laundry Hamper Bag with its foam-covered, strong metal handles. One for everyone’s bedroom and the bathroom should be enough to keep your family’s dirty laundry off the floor.

Hanging Rails. Ironing is one of those chores that you either love or hate. If it’s really not your thing, then transferring those easily wrinkled garments from the dryer to the wardrobe is paramount. Installing a sturdy Hanging Rail in your laundry room is a real lifesaver. You can take those school / work shirts straight out the tumble dryer and onto a coat-hanger in no time, reducing the chance of stubborn crinkles. We really love our Koolstof Chrome Wire Clothes Rack for a clever laundry room space-saver. It combines a sturdy hanging rail with 3 shelves, so you can store your laundry products and hang your clean washing all in one place. With room for our White Foldable Storage Boxes, you can achieve a minimalist yet functional interior design.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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Organising Your Laundry Room
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