Organise your kitchen with simple & stylish pantry-style shelving

With the recent rise in popularity for quirky, pantry style kitchens and authentic elements that add an instant traditional feel to homes, people are increasingly searching for simple, affordable ways to create a dual-functional space, for both cooking and dining that is stunning and practical in equal measure.So how can you create this look in your own kitchen or display? Author and Chef, Louis Parrish said:
“If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life.”
And if that’s the case, which we firmly believe it is, then practical shelving and storage solutions is a great place to start! Here are our top tips for an eye-catching uplift to your kitchen work-space.

Keep it simple
Simplicity is the key for a balanced, no-nonsense approach for cooking up some magic. A wooden worktop is a perfect partner to open shelving units and neutral painted walls and units balance well against chrome and metal elements. A splash of colour in the form of floral printed curtains and rugs give a wonderfully simple hint of retro to your kitchen space.

Timeless shelving
Storage shouldn’t be confined to cupboards, instead distribute your kitchen items with pride across open shelves or beams. Chrome racks and shelves are a stunning focal point that instantly draws the eyes of visitors. Chrome Wire Shelving is so versatile and its modular system is attractive and easy to assemble. Arrange your favourite ingredients at eye-level, bottles of olive oils and a selection of vinegars make an appealing and homely display. Add a touch of the country by displaying garlic, onions and whatever seasonal vegetables you fancy.

Space-saving solutions
Avoid work-tops becoming cluttered and overcrowded by freeing up cupboard space and utilising redundant space. Pots and pans can hang effortlessly from shelving giving a rustic feel, and a modern practicality. Our S-Hooks offer a multi-purpose hanging solution, strong and durable for holding cookware and included in our best-selling chrome wire shelving kitchen unit. You can also maximise your storage by fitting shelves inside cupboards to hold herbs, spices and seasonings keeping them dry and out of sunlight.

Don’t stop there, our range of shelving is ideal for all kitchen and catering environments and the range features wine racks and a co-ordinated range of trolleys. We also stock a large selection of complementary accessories so you can expand as your requirements grows.

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Organise your kitchen with simple & stylish pantry-style shelving
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Organise your kitchen with simple & stylish pantry-style shelving
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