New Home New Storage

The fresh paint is on the walls, the gleaming worktops are laid and the bi-fold doors are fitted and ready to let the outdoors in. Finally, the wait is over and you can move into your gorgeous new home and invite family and friends round for that housewarming you’ve been dreaming of. But hang on, where are you going to store everything that your well-loved rental once accommodated? Your home (especially if it’s a new build) might feel bigger but it doesn’t seem to have all of the cute and very useful little nooks and crannies that you once used for storage. Don’t let a lack of storage take the shine off your gleaming new home, as these storage solutions can help.

  1. Fun and functional

Swanky new builds are often the way forward for first time buyers and those looking for a fresh start because they’re a complete blank canvas that you can make your own. Often though, moving into a brand new home (especially a first home) means you don’t have a whole lot of furniture to bring with you! Thankfully, that’s easily solved with storage solutions that are ideal for new homes like the Becca Oak Display Unit. It’ll work in your dining room, living room or even bedroom to make the area look more homely and give lots more storage.

  1. Space saving saviour

You might not have much furniture to bring to your new home, but we bet you have plenty of clothes, shoes and accessories! New builds generally have less square footage than older properties, with very little integral wardrobe space, which means being savvy with storage is essential. Why not go for a Chrome Wire Clothes Rack with a cover in a contemporary grey? With shelving at the bottom for your shoes or sweaters, this clothes rail is multifunctional too.

  1. Lavish ladders

Now you’ve got a home to call your own, you can finally display your fabulous collection of books, memorabilia from your post-university travels, and of course your beloved laptop and on-trend speakers! You need storage that’s cost effective, looks great in your stylish new home and is completely versatile. The Tivva Ladder collection of shelving units can be linked together as you grow into your space, and the Ladder Desk shelving unit in oak is the perfect start.

  1. Hallway hero

There are so many storage solutions these days that moving into a new house doesn’t have to mean making massive compromises and getting rid of everything. Nor does it mean you have to spend a fortune kitting out the new place to make things work. Be more creative to make your own little storage nooks, like in the hallway. The space that seems too small to take your coat off can be made into useable storage with Grid Mesh shelving on the wall. The grid mesh panel is just the place for your house and car keys!

  1. Chrome and castors

The biggest dilemma when you move into your new house is often where to put things, and it can take time to adapt to your new space. A good storage solution is the black and chrome adjustable Clothes Rail. They come on castors so you can zip them around until you find just the right spot in your new home, and are height adjustable too, making them especially useful in attic rooms where ceiling height is in short supply. Happy housing!

 Photo by Lisanne van Elsen on Unsplash

New Home New Storage
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New Home New Storage
Don’t let a lack of storage take the shine off your gleaming new home, take a look at these simple and effective storage solutions to give your new pad the functionality and glamour it deserves!
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