Living room storage for a minimalist look

Ah minimalist, that’s an easy living room look to crack isn’t it? You just strip everything back and have next to nothing in your home. Actually, no, as anyone who has ever tried to achieve the minimalist look will tell you, minimalism in the lounge doesn’t mean giving all your stuff to charity and watching TV cross legged on the floor! Minimalist lounges have to be practical too, with storage that fulfils your need to have actual possessions. Still want to give it a go? Here’s the master plan.

  1. Clean lines. The first concept you need to get your head around if you’re going for a minimalist lounge is clean lines, which is a designer-ish term that really just means aesthetically pleasing lines within your lounge. Furniture is a great way to achieve the lines in your minimalist design. Try the Maxximo cube storage range and those clean lines will be yours in a jiffy!
  2. Don’t be afraid of space. When you’re creating a new look in your home, it can be tempting to fill every available space. Or as is often the case, you acquire more and more pieces as time goes on. But just as a gallery allows space between pieces to allow them to be viewed at best advantage, your furniture is best appreciated when it has space around it too. So if you have a great wingback chair that you’ve reupholstered in a smashing teal fabric, or one of our contemporary, angular Bertta Oak Display Units, then don’t be afraid to let them be the stars of the show.
  3. Minimalist not stark. Some people worry that minimalist spaces can be stark and unwelcoming. However, the clean lines and space of a minimalist lounge can actually allow you to demonstrate more personality rather than less. Quirky pieces work really well in minimalist spaces and can become real talking points. An unusual light fitting, introducing some curves into the clean lines with a modern round coffee table, or adding an unusual yet useful Tivva Ladder Bookshelf Storage Unit.
  4. The best of the best. As any writer will tell you, the hardest part of any story is not what to put in but what to leave out. The same is true of creating the perfect minimalist lounge. Sure, you can think of a million things to put into your lounge, but the trick to getting the look you want is being selective. And if you’re just picking a few pieces, then make them beautiful pieces that are also fantastic storage items too like the Hygge Black and Oak Bookcase. Every minimalist lounge needs one of these delights!
  5. Clever colour. There is definitely such a thing as too much of a good thing, and whilst neutral and monochrome are our first thought when we think of minimalist interiors, you don’t have to ditch the colour completely. In fact, clever flashes of colour can inject some much needed fun and intrigue into your minimalist lounge. A stack of brightly coloured books on your Hygge Black and Oak Coffee Table, a burst of greenery courtesy of a potted indoor plant, framed prints in unexpected shades- let your imagination run riot and your lounge will become that minimalist yet liveable space that you truly desire!

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

Living room storage for a minimalist look
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Living room storage for a minimalist look
Minimalist lounges have to be spacious yet practical, therefore by using storage that fulfils your need to actually have possessions while keeping them hidden and tidy, is the key. If you want to give it a go, here’s the master plan.
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