Kleinn Wire Shelving Design

It’s not always easy when a product you love has a makeover, especially when it seems you’re getting less. Like tins of Quality Street, they seemed so massive once upon a time! Or triangles of deliciously moreish Toblerone. But things getting smaller isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to our gorgeous Chrome Wire Shelving. As products go, our Chrome Wire range features some of your favourite products- and they are getting smaller, and in our opinion better than ever. Here are our top picks from the new Kleinn Chrome Wire Shelving range.

  1. The bloggers’ favourite. What can we say about this rose gold beauty but wow! The Kleinn Rose Gold Shelving Unit is only dinky but its three little shelves have all of the space for your bathroom, bedroom or bedroom essentials. We can see our favourite influencers and bloggers setting out their lotions and potions here before capturing that perfect Insta post. Best of all though, the rose gold chrome wire shelving unit is super affordable too!
  2. The wine lovers’ favourite. Suitable for wine lovers everywhere, which is pretty much all of us isn’t it? The new Kleinn Chrome Wire Wine Rack has space for 16 bottles of wine, bubbly or your own personal tipple of choice. We haven’t all got space for a mega wine storage unit, and that’s why the new kleinn Chrome Wire Wine Rack ticks all the boxes; it’s compact, space saving and all out ingenious. Plus, the smaller size makes this bottle storage unit even better value.
  3. The foodies’ favourite. Foodies far and wide adore our chrome wire shelving range for its adaptability in the kitchen. Easy to keep clean and top class breathability for keeping food fresh. So, the introduction of the Kleinn Chrome Wire Basket Trolley has to be a winner. Just 800m high, this miniature chrome wire storage unit has three baskets, and it’s a moveable trolley too, ideal for moving close to the preparation area when needed. Can’t ask for more than that!
  4. The fashionistas’ favourite. There’s nothing quite like the sight of freshly laundered and folded (thank you Marie Kondo) t-shirts on your white light duty shelving unit. But *sad face* sometimes we don’t have that much space to display our beloved clothes and so let the Kleinn White Wire Shelving Unit With Wheels be your saviour. We’ve not only made the shelving compact enough to fit into even the smallest of space, but at under £30, this light duty shelving unit is an absolute bargain.
  5. The minimalists’ favourite. A lot of you love our chrome wire shelving range, but just don’t have the space for the full on pieces, and that’s where the Kleinn Chrome Wire Corner Shelves come in. This corner chrome wire unit has all of the best features of the range in a cute little corner version. Even the most minimalist of minimalists in the tiniest of tiny homes can fit one of these teeny chrome units into their home. The place for candles, books and whatever you fancy and all for under £20! What can we say? Speechless. And that doesn’t happen often! Need a little chrome wire in your life? Check out the whole range (big or small) here.
Kleinn Wire Shelving Design
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Kleinn Wire Shelving Design
Good things come in small packages. Which is why the new Urbaboxx Kleinn range is the ultimate in neat and petite, home shelving design.
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