January Joy of Staying In

For years we’ve been driven by FOMO (aka fear of missing out). It’s kept us trotting out to events we don’t want to go to and glued to our screens in a state of perpetual alertness. But oh, the sweet relief of JOMO (that’s joy of missing out), when we were finally released from the tyranny of frenziedly trying to record Every. Single. Little. Thing! We’re all loving JOMO so much in fact, that Euromonitor has listed it as one of the top 10 global consumer trends 2019. Yep, it’s finally on trend to unplug and bask in the joy of missing out, and whilst you relax allow us to introduce you to our favourite acronym- JOSI- your new BFF this January!

1) JOSI January. Whilst JOMO is all about freeing yourself of the social obligation to capture every experience online, JOSI (joy of staying in) takes things one step further. With JOSI, you no longer have to feel guilty about wanting to stay in, it’s positively encouraged. JOSI means revelling in being at home. Choosing PJs over party gear, staking out a place on the sofa rather than jostling for a space at the bar and gleefully poring over Netflix rather than the What’s On guide. And if there’s a month more suited to embracing JOSI than January, we’d like to know what it is!

2) Adjusting to JOSI. Of course, if you’re just meeting JOSI for the first time, there’s going to be a bit of adjustment needed. A little fine-tuning if you will. After all, if you’re used to seeing your home as the stopping point between coming in and going out again, then it takes a bit of a mental adjustment to start viewing your home as THE destination. Celebrities from Miranda Kerr to Eve Mendes have talked about their love of being at home, but JOSI is about more than loving home as a break from relentless parties and events, it’s about choosing home in a sea of other options.

3) JOSI haven. Creating your JOSI haven means adorning it with things that you love so that you can kick back and just enjoy what you like to do in a space you feel comfortable. Whipping up some healthy granola bars in your minimalist kitchen haven (aided by your versatile chrome wire shelving unit), filling your shelves with some of these great reads or making a date with that Sandra Bullock movie everyone is talking about (you know the one!) on the squishy sofa you’ve had for years. With JOSI you can hunker down and hibernate your way through the cold, rain and snow of January.

4) The JOSI-stealers. Home is never going to give you that JOSI vibe if everywhere you look there are little JOSI- stealers that jab at your joy and sever your serenity. Everyone’s JOSI stealers are different. It could be the pile of coats on the bannisters, the jumble of shoes in the porch or your work papers that litter the lounge. They annoy you every time you see them, yet you don’t do anything about them and that JOSI feeling never quite make an appearance. These three JOSI-stealers though are very easy to banish with a hidden rail, a shoe rack and a covered chrome wire shelving unit. Make a list of your JOSI stealers and make it your mission to get them sorted out today.

5) JOSI get-togethers. Now, we don’t want you thinking that JOSI means being antisocial, isolating yourself indoors and locking everyone else out. Quite the opposite in fact. JOSI can be really social. I mean, when your home looks this good (and you’re not sharing it on Instagram) your only option is to invite people over to admire it in real life! Think Friday night drinks (location, your lounge. Tools, this very fancy drinks trolley), Saturday night suppers (time to try out those recipe books you got for Christmas) and maybe even Monday night movies. Keep it relaxed, let everyone else come to you and embrace that JOSI vibe!

Image credit Photo by Aga Putra on Unsplash

January Joy of Staying In
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January Joy of Staying In
How Creating your own joy of staying in can offer you the calm and sanctuary you need to get through the winter blues and technology overload.
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