Impressive Display Furniture to Set Off Your Living Room Style

What was your very first collection? Ours was trolls. You know, those cute (some say creepy) faced dolls from the 80’s with the wild neon hair and outfits for every possible occasion. Then there was the obsession with collecting badges, keyrings and even (don’t judge) stamps! Nowadays, we’re all grown up but our love of collecting is still as powerful as ever. Sure, today it’s more vintage glass and pretty jugs than trolls and tin badges, but that desire to collate the perfect collection just never goes away. Here’s our guide to selecting just the right piece of lounge display furniture for every collection.

  1. Old books. Is there anything cosier, enticing and all round hygge than a collection of old books on display in your living room? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be immediately drawn to the shelves to investigate just what gems are hidden there. Maybe an early Lewis Carroll or a first edition Wind in the Willows with its glorious teal hued cover? The only way to display your impressive book collection is on a bookcase that is just as impressive. The clean lines of the Torro Oak Display Unit are just the ticket. To up the ante even further, why not clasp a few books together with twine or ribbon?
  2. Glass. One of the very best collections of all, glass. Coming in all shapes and sizes as well as every hue under the rainbow, it’s easy to see why a single glass ornament or vase can quickly transform into a full blown obsession. From Fenton bowls with their distinctive waved edges to pastel hued bottles of every shape and size, there is something so satisfying about glassware displayed just so. Whether you’re a matchy-matchy or a throw everything in kind of a person, your glass collection is guaranteed to look gorgeous on the Becca Oak Display Unit where the irregular design will complement your glassware perfectly.
  3. Vinyl. Come on, I mean everyone has a collection of vinyl don’t they? It’s almost a rite of passage into adulthood. Collecting vinyl is becoming such a thing, that artists are starting to release music on vinyl again (there’s even an official vinyl top 40!). If you’re way ahead of the trend and have the records from the first time round, then you need a worthy piece of display furniture for your lounge. The Hygge Black and Oak Bookcase has two sturdy shelves for your vinyl, all important easy access to your tunes from your armchair, and space for the turntable too!
  4. Travel treasures. You know how this one starts. One obligatory leaning tower of Pisa ornament is joined by an ‘I love NYC’ globe and then there’s no stopping you. A new ornament wings its way back to your lounge from every destination as you trot the globe with abandon. Getting these delicate pieces home wrapped in socks and ferreted away in your luggage was no mean feat, so it stands to reason that this a collection that needs a tall display unit to keep it safe. The 4 shelf version of the Hygge Black and Oak Bookcase will be just the impressive, towering unit you need.
  5. Candles and keepsakes. Actually though, it could be that your collection is more eclectic. A little vintage clock you found in a charming shop on a weekend away. A sparkly stone that you gathered like a magpie. Beautiful candles that you hoard yet never light. These are the type of collections that reveal more about you than you could ever say, and they deserve a display unit to match. The Tarrio Oak Display Unit is quirky and unusual- just like your collection.

    Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

Impressive Display Furniture to Set Off Your Living Room Style
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Impressive Display Furniture to Set Off Your Living Room Style
Finding the right Living Room furniture to show off your individual style and your most treasured possessions and homely keepsakes.
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