Hygge Heroes

No matter how many times someone tells us that hygge is pronounced ‘huh-gah’ we still look at the word and read ‘huggy’, and actually that’s probably not a bad way to think of the Danish lifestyle trend that’s made its way to British shores. It’s like a great big comforting hug, everything that’s nice and lovely in the world, when you’re right in the moment with those you love and enjoying every moment. We love the ‘huggy’ way of life so much in fact that we’ve brought out a whole new range inspired by it, and to celebrate Edinburgh based interior designer Renee of Renee Turner Interiors has some ways to make your home a whole lot more ‘huggy’!

  1. Invest in simple and natural furnishings. We’ve all done it- that designer sofa that looked amazing but was hellish to sit on. The glass table that you were forever wiping fingerprints off (ditto the glass console unit) but the good thing about hygge is that it’s all about the simplicity says Renee Turner. “Hygge doesn’t require a fancy setting with opulent designer furniture. Instead, we should surround ourselves with natural materials such as wood, metal, wool and cotton in true Scandinavian style. Furniture should be almost rustic and derived from simple forms with clean lines which you can find from the Hygge range at Urbaboxx.” Our favourite piece? Probably the hygge black and oak coffee table.
  2. Surround yourself with well-chosen accessories. When you get your new hygge inspired furniture you just whack on all of your accessories, don’t you? Not so says Renee: “To make your home more hygge, surround yourself with well-chosen accessories, don’t just go out and purchase a whole lot of decor that is on-trend. Rather, opt for pieces which really mean something and conjure up good feelings. You will achieve hygge being surrounded by your special family photos, a child’s art piece or travel paraphernalia that takes you back.” Display the pieces that matter to you on the hygge chunky black and oak bookcase.
  3. Burn candles or light a fire. The Danes love their candles professes Renee, in fact they have more of them than any other European country she reckons and if you want in on the hygge flickering glow, Renee has these tips: “The beautiful glow that fire emits not only warms the senses, but is also very flattering. The natural light highlights the best parts of our faces like cheekbones and lips but also softens our features. And keep the candles simple, pure and white.” Perhaps atop the hygge black and oak bookcase?
  4. Use lots of textures. When we talk about texture in hygge, we’re not talking about crisps down the back of the sofa but something a whole lot more enticing. Renee elaborates: “Wood, cotton, wool and faux fur provide a perfect cosy setting. There is nothing more inviting than reading a book by the fire with a warm, knitted blanket or sitting on a plush rug. Even though hygge is a state of mind, these are certainly the perfect sensory items to achieve pure relaxation.”
  5. Introduce some plants. What have plants got to do with hygge we hear you ask, well actually, quite a lot says Renee: “The outdoors play a very important part to the Scandinavian lifestyle. By bringing the outdoors in, gorgeous greenery helps to remind you of nature but also adds a touch of softness to make a house a home. If you aren’t green-fingered, there are many faux options that look just as good as the real thing.” You can even add some greenery on your hygge chunky black and oak bench desk.

A final word from Renee: “Think of ways to introduce simplicity in your home that will encourage a relaxed and happy environment, promoting mindfulness and well-being. The Hygge range from Urbaboxx certainly encompasses all the elements to achieve this and create an inviting home.”  Thanks Renee, we can’t wait to get started!

Hygge Heroes
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Hygge Heroes
Enjoy the comfort and well being properties in your home with our New Hygge range of furniture.
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