Hygge happiness

With snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures battering Great Britain, we reckon it’s just the right time to start embracing hygge. The Danes are pros at hygge. They have dark, cold winters and spend the majority of the day in darkness. In Denmark though, it’s not a negative, it’s a chance to revel in the feeling of being warm, cosy, content and secure. If you’re more used to being constantly on the go, then easing into hygge might not come naturally. We’ve got some advice to help achieve greater work life balance and let the hygge in.

1) Simple rituals. Whilst hygge isn’t always about home, home is a brilliant place to start. Home is where you can indulge in those small rituals that bring light and joy on the darkest days. Hygge can mean gathering those you love close around you, but it can also mean enjoying space and time on your own. Movie therapist and life coach Lynn Anderton said: “Being at home gives an opportunity for us to recharge and soothe ourselves ready for the next day.” So let your foot off the pedal, reconnect with your home, and allow yourself time for those essential rituals like brewing loose jasmine green tea in a proper pot. The Brew Tea Company has everything you need, and your tea pot, scoop and tea strainer will look delightful on your Grid Mesh Shelving!

2) Regain your sense of self. We can get so caught up in the daily grind that we can lose our sense of self. Business and success coach Laura Payne Stanley counsels: “Many people think I’m an extrovert because I love public speaking and holding in-person workshops but in reality I’m an introvert. The difference between the two is for an extrovert you recharge by being social, and an introvert like me recharges by spending time alone.” Hygge and the return to focus on your home can be your chance to resolve this. Laura says: “I always schedule alone time to recharge, and my husband and business partner knows when to allow me the quiet space to do just this.”

3) Conscious conversation. The great thing about embracing quiet and simple pleasures is that it allows you time to evaluate. “Stepping away from life by having quiet time allows us to look at any issues with new thinking and perspective,” says Lynn Anderton. Whilst Laura Payne Stanley asks: “When did you last stop and actually have the conscious conversation as to what the work/life blend you truly desire is? So often we can get caught up in life that we don’t sit down, come to centre, and confirm what it is we are striving for. When we focus on work/life blend rather than balance, then we are empowered to decide on what our blend might be for any one day or time period.”

4) Board games and Spotify. And with work/life blend evaluated, calming rituals in play, and our sense of self restored, perhaps you can think about new hygge inspired hobbies to see you through these colder days. Looking to our friends in Denmark once more, their top three hobbies are playing music, reading and cooking- three ideal activities to get involved in this winter. Just remember the principles of hygge and make it snug with some cosy touches. Think listening to your favourite tracks on Spotify with a glowing fire and fluffy socks, laying out the fragrant coriander and lemons, fish fillets and spices to make a special meal of fish tagine and sinking into your favourite sofa with a well-loved book plucked from the clean lines of your Urbaboxx shelving. Or maybe there’s another activity you’d prefer? Board games with the kids with cocoa and cookies, finally getting around to learning embroidery. Whatever you fancy, give it a whirl and let that warm hygge hug envelop you this February!

Photo Credit Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

Hygge happiness
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Hygge happiness
In Denmark Hygge has been a way of living to promote the feeling of positivity, warmth, cosiness, contentment and security during long, dark, winter months. If you’re more used to being constantly on the go, then easing into hygge might not come naturally. We’ve got some advice to help achieve greater work life balance and let the hygge in.
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