House Christmas Party

Deck the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la, la la la la! Yes, in a fit of festive exuberance you’ve only gone and invited a houseful of people to your home for a Christmas party, and now it’s time for your home to don its gay apparel and for you to deliver that blazing yule! Even if guests singing in merry measure (joyfully all together) isn’t quite how you envisage your house party playing out, you’ll no doubt still want to create a Christmas house party full of festive cheer. Some of the season’s best experts show us how:

1) Declutter. Trying to hang elegant garlands of ivy down the bannisters and random coats, plastic toys and shoes keep getting in your way. Before you even try to decorate, do a major de-clutter and put everything back in its rightful home. Lifestyle Coach and Interior Designer Kiran Singh of Design The Lifestyle You Desire says: “Alongside the spring and autumn cleaning, I do summer and winter cleaning as well. Everything having a place will neaten up the room and make it more comfortable. There are some fantastic storage solutions available which will add both style and functionality to any room.” If you’re struggling for storage space, try a hidden shoe rack in your wardrobe, a small coat Hanging Rail in an under-stairs cupboard or a free standing clothes rail for extra coats like this gorgeous new Industrial style one!

2) Plan. There’s a reason why event planners always have seamless events and it’s called planning. Registered Psychologist Rachel Tomlinson of Toward Wellbeing is a big fan of being prepared: “Christmas is a busy time of year with lots of social events. To maximise attendance as well giving yourself enough time to prepare send out your invites well in advance. Also send reminders a week or so before to put your party back on people’s radar. Lifestyle Coach and Interior Designer Kiran Singh suggests creating lists and delegating: “I have a notebook on Evernote called ‘Christmas’ where I list everything I need to do.” Good things to plan are food, music, décor and of course the guest list. Getting the kids to plan the music or enlisting help with the food takes the pressure off and helps others to feel involved in the party too.

3) Style. There will probably be one or two main rooms where you’ll host the party, say the lounge and kitchen or conservatory, so focus your attentions here. Chances are you’ve already got the tree up, so you just need to add the festive sparkle! We love the idea of updating your Chrome Wire Shelving in the kitchen with glass jars filled with candy canes, Christmas cookies and gold and silver chocolate stars. Or in the lounge, filling old vases with twigs of berried ivy and holly from the garden. Simple and cheap to do but really effective.

4) Reframe. Will people show up, have I done enough food, will I have enough space- just a few of the things that can keep you awake at night as you plan a party.  Rachel advises: “Hosting a party can come with all sorts of added responsibilities, pressures and fears. Reframe your worries and think more like a guest than a host. Think about the positives or focus on your intentions for the party such as ‘people are coming here to see me, not to judge me for the party’, ‘a huge party isn’t a reflection of the relationships I have’, ‘enjoying time with family and friends is my priority’ and ‘it will be so nice to spend time with so and so’. Focus your energies on enjoying time with your loved ones.”

5) Finishing touches. And then, it comes to the final details to make your Christmas party go with a swing! Kiran says: “A few finishing touches can really make your guests feel at home. Stark lighting can be quite intrusive so make sure the ceiling light isn’t sporting forensics grade wattage. Go for warm lighting, with flashes of colour and wonderful fragrance”. Candle jars or lanterns down the stairs, glass vases filled with pine cones and twinkling lights, and a welcoming Chrome Wire Shelf Trolley holding glasses of mulled wine, plates of fresh baked biscuits or festive cupcakes and all of the smells of Christmas should do the trick.
Roll on the Christmas house party!


Photo credit Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

House Christmas Party
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House Christmas Party
Let Christmas time commence! and what better to get everyone in the mood, but with a fun and traditional Christmas house party? Here's our top tips so it's planned to perfection and gets the party atmosphere swinging!
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