Hangers, Hangers, Hangers …

Clothes Hangers – an essential part of clothes storage, by keeping it simple, keeps you organised and keeps your bedroom a gorgeous interior of envy.

It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves sifting through our comfy knits and rearranging our wardrobes. But, have you ever thought to yourself just how crucial it is to organise your clothes correctly? Closet organisation is the key to not only maximising your storage space, but it also allows you to get the most out of your much-loved items.

Hangers play an essential part in the wardrobe organisation, and you may be shocked to find that most of us are misusing them. With so many different styles, shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, choosing the right ones can be tricky. Today we will introduce you to the Urbaboxx range of Clothes Hangers and explain how investing in quality hangers can improve your home.

1 – Wooden Hangers

Sturdy, robust and perfect for hanging heavier garments. Our beautiful Wooden Hanger Range consists of Broad Shoulder Hangers, Wooden Hangers with Shoulder Notches and Straight Wooden Hangers with Chrome Clips, perfect for trousers and longer items. With graceful curves and a polished finish, these beautiful hangers will keep your special items like suits and blazers in tip-top condition, ready to wear at any given moment. Not a lover of the natural look? That’s fine too! Our incredible wooden hangers are available in a variety of colours such as black, red, white, grey and blue. There really is something to complement any bedroom and wardrobe space.

2 – Plastic Hangers

Probably the most popular and recognisable of our collection would be our fantastic range of Plastic Hangers. These hangers are incredibly robust and will stand up to time, thanks to their mold and moisture resistant properties. Available in a generous range of sizes and styles, Urbaboxx plastic hangers are not only affordable but accommodate any garment perfectly. Why not take a look at our Trouser Hanger with Adjustable Clips, perfect for holding a variety of skirts and trousers. These hangers feature clips that have been proven to reduce creasing and prevent damage to your clothes. Another great product from our plastic hanger range is our Heavy-Duty Plastic Hangers complete with Trouser Bar and Shoulder Notches. This all-rounder is perfect for storing a variety of clothing, from skirts and dresses to jackets, suits and coats.

3 – Metal Hangers

Metal Hangers not only look great, but they are also extremely practical. Perfect for modern spaces, these hangers are both attractive and reliable. Our range of metal hangers will instantly upgrade the aesthetic of your wardrobe, enhancing your clothes organisation and adding a modern twist. Our Straight Chrome Bar Hangers are ideal for displaying trousers or skirts, and can easily be adjusted to store smaller or more substantial items. The Urbaboxx range of chrome and metal hangers are reliable and durable, yet lightweight and elegant looking.

4 – Accessory Hangers

With AW19 officially upon us, the festivities and party season are just around the corner. What better way to store and display your essential outfit accessories, than by using one of our smart Urbaboxx Accessory Hangers. Available in all of the fantastic material options like metal, wood and plastic, our accessory hangers are the perfect way to store all of your winter essentials, such as hats and scarves. Organising your accessories is just as important as clothes organisation, allowing you to quickly grab what you need when you’re in a hurry.  Our beautiful Chrome Accessory Hanger features six rubber capped hooks and securely holds ties, scarves and belts. You will be amazed by how incredible it feels to have all of your accessories neatly organised and stored in one place.

5 – Children’s Hangers

And finally, something that many of us forget when we think about wardrobe organisation is Children’s Hangers. Anyone with children will understand how many clothes you accumulate and how their bedroom can quickly become disorganised. Keep your children’s clothing neatly stored away by using our fantastic Urbaboxx range of junior hangers. Our black plastic junior hangers are sleek and stylish, along with being highly effective when organising and storing clothing. They can be used to hang almost anything, from swimwear to jeans, thanks to adjustable waistband clips and shoulder notches. Transform any messy wardrobe into a showstopping, organised masterpiece!

Hangers, Hangers, Hangers...
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Hangers, Hangers, Hangers...
Clothes Hangers- an essential part of clothes storage, by keeping it simple, keeps you organised and keeps your bedroom a gorgeous interior of envy.
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