Create your own wardrobe space

It all started with Carrie Bradshaw. When we saw Carrie living it up in New York City, in an apartment that was 90% closet, we got a sense of wardrobe envy that never really left us. And those gorgeous walk in wardrobes just keep on coming our way on Netflix. We’re absolutely in love with Tasha St. Patrick’s closet in Power- worth watching for just the closet alone! But with estimates for walk-in wardrobes coming it at tens of thousands of pounds, there has to be a cheaper alternative to help us achieve the wardrobe of our dreams. And there is, you just create your own, here’s how.

  1. Capture some space. First up, you need some space for your wardrobe area. Now, we might not all have a whole room to devote to a closet space, but most of us will have a little alcove or underused cupboard that is just begging to be transformed into a bespoke wardrobe to rival Carrie & co. Get clearing and then you can measure your space and see what you have to work with.
  2. Hanging out. Every self-respecting wardrobe needs hanging space for longer items that really need to be hung rather than folded. Think long dresses, trousers, skirts. A Hanging Rail is just what you need here, and we have a whole selection to suit every space. It might seem like overkill, but measuring it all out in the planning stages will save a lot of heartache later. No-one wants that moment when their floor length faux fur won’t fit into their wardrobe do they?!
  3. Side by side. With hanging space sorted for longer items, you can get on with shelving. Shelving in a wardrobe space is indispensable for everything from shoe boxes to hat boxes and beyond. Go for the wardrobe classic with your hanging rails, then a section of shelving next to it (we have loads to choose from in our Adjustable Wall Shelving range). Or mix it up with above the rails shelving, or even shelving either side of your hanging rails. Whatever works best for you and the clothes you have to store.
  4. Knick knacks. You might have space for a chest of drawers in your wardrobe like Carrie, but if not you can create a similar storage space with one of the Kleinn basket trolleys. This white Wire Basket Trolley is just the thing for those little knick knacks that you need in your wardrobe like rolled up belts, scarves, or hats. And our range of white foldable Storage Boxes are ideal for out of season clothes that you want to keep fresh and dust free.
  5. Displayed to perfection. As Tasha, Carrie or any other walk in wardrobe fiend will tell you, if you’re going to invest in good clothes, then you need to invest in good hangers too. None of this mismatched hangers business for you! Instead, show your best pieces off to perfection with some quality wooden Clothes Hangers. We’d go for blue, but you choose the colour that you love best. And just like that with your brand new wardrobe space, you have created a wardrobe to be proud of. Now that’s what you call a season finale!
Create your own wardrobe space
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Create your own wardrobe space
Looking for a simple and effective way to achieve the wardrobe of our dreams? Here’s how...
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