Christmas Home Organisation

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Ok, snow may not be glistening on the lanes just yet. But hands up if you’re already channelling your inner Noddy Holder. Yep, us too! November is all but over (don’t forget those Black Friday deals!) and Christmas is well and truly on the way. Now is definitely the right time to start our Christmas preparation. Before we get lost in rolls of wrapping paper, let’s begin our Christmas preparation with some all-important home organisation.

Let’s face it, we all go a little overboard when it comes to Christmas shopping, buying far more gifts than is necessary. We know the tidal wave of kids toys is about to hit, but we’d also quite like to keep a tidy home. Here at Urbaboxx we’re taking inspiration from Marie Kondo on how to organise our homes in time for Christmas. A key aspect of the KonMari method of home organisation is to tidy by category, rather than by room. So here are our KonMari-inspired Christmas tidy tips.

Kids’ Toys. Somehow, our darling little ones’ toys manage to invade every room of the house. It doesn’t matter how many times we pick them up and put them away, seconds later the blocks, dolls and cars have made an escape Woody and Buzz would be proud of. With Christmas on the way, our children’s toys are top priority for home organisation.

Marie Kondo suggests laying all similar items out together, asking ourselves if each thing still sparks joy in our life. We keep the things that do. And discard those that don’t. We know which of our children’s toys they still play with regularly. These are the toys we keep. The rest can either be sold, donated, given away, recycled or binned if absolutely necessary. The toys we’re going to keep need to be both accessible and stored away neatly. Our Maxximo Cubes and Foldable Storage Boxes are ideal for keeping rooms toy-free when it’s no longer playtime.

Clothes. Clothes are the first thing Marie Kondo suggests we tidy and organise. Remembering the principle of “does it spark joy” it’s time to empty the wardrobes and the drawers and be honest with ourselves about what to keep and what to donate / recycle. We’re going to want to keep our winter jumpers and sequin dresses within easy reach. It is party season after all. And what better way to keep our accessories organised than with this fab Six-Hook Accessory Hanger. Perfect for belts, ties and scarves. Store your shoes next to your matching accessories with our handy 8 Pocket Shoe Organiser. And for the warmer-weather clothes that we’ve decided still bring us joy, keep them safely tucked away in these clever Underbed Storage Bags. Not forgetting to seal them in Vacuum Bags first to maximise storage space.

Christmas Decorations. You might be wondering why we’re going to organise our Christmas decorations now. Before Christmas. That’s okay, stick with us and it’ll make perfect sense.

How many bags, boxes, suitcases, garage-loads of Christmas decorations do you have? And do you display them all, every Christmas? Nope. Thought not. We tend to use the same few decorations each year. The ones we really love. And the ones that have real sentimental value. Everything else is clutter, taking up valuable space in our home. Decide which pieces you are absolutely going to keep – the ones that spark joy – and begin your Christmas preparation by organising storage for the decorations once the tree comes down in the New Year. We’d definitely recommend choosing clear storage boxes, like these, so you can quickly and easily see what’s in them when it comes to decorating the tree next Christmas. You’ll save yourself precious time and valuable space simply by following this top Christmas tidy tip.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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