Bathroom Organisation

Creating an air of space and tranquility within the smallest room of the house

It’s easy to come up with clever storage solutions when you have lots of space to play with, but your skills are really put to the test when it comes to your bathroom. The smallest room in the house by far, the bathroom needs all of your ingenuity to plan out the space and make the most of every inch. Here are our top bathroom storage hacks to keep it looking organised and inviting.

1. Be clever with shelving. Sure, you can do the old shelf above the sink trick, but for even more storage potential look up and look down! Situating bathroom shelving higher up, such as above the toilet, or even underneath the sink means you can increase your storage potential hugely. Pair up your shelving, like with these two Chrome and Glass Adjustable Shelving or new and funky Black and White Adjustable Shelving, makes organising your toiletries will be a breeze. Have a free wall to play with? You can even try spacing your shelves at differently, so not directly above each other but spaced apart, for an unusual effect.

2. Ladder to success. The bathroom is the place you go to chill and unwind, so if you can make it look good as well as organised, then you’re onto a winner. Ladder shelving is a massive trend in bathrooms (and all other rooms!) right now, and this Ladder Shelving Unit in white would look amazing stocked up with candles, jars and rolled towels.

3. Close at hand. You’re in the bath, book in one hand and glass of wine in the other. Wait, what you could really do with here is a white wire shelving unit with wheels! The castor wheels mean you can situate it right next to the bath when you need it, and against a wall when you don’t, whilst the three spacious shelves give plenty of room to organise your bathroom essentials.

4. Clean and chrome. Laundry in the bathroom is a fact of life, but you can turn the mundane into something a whole lot more glamorous with the fancy chrome and cream wheeled laundry basket. Just 350mm in width, this laundry basket is space saving but also mighty, holding up to 30kg of washing, and you can even remove the bag to cart it all to the machine too!

5. Maximising the space. If you want a true bathroom makeover though, it’s time to think inside the box- the Maxximo box that is! The Maxximo range of cube storage could give your bathroom an urban edge. Maybe the Maxximo 4 cube as a quirky freestanding bathroom storage unit, or the single cube with door as a modern bathroom cabinet? Even the 4 cube square affixed to the wall as a statement bathroom shelving solution. There are so many ways to give you bathroom a fresh new look with this storage range.  

For more inspiration to add some calm, traquility and the ultimate in high-rise storage and snazzy shelving, take a look at out new Bathroom page.

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