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5 teen bedroom makeover hacks

If you’ve got a teen in the house, you’ll know that they can be the hardest to please members of the household. So, you can be forgiven for approaching the idea of a teen bedroom makeover with more than a little trepidation! Fear not though, we’ve got you covered with some expert advice. 1) Easy does it: Hands up if you remember the days when your child loved having you in their room? In the teen years however, an invite into their room can come as often as an invite... Read More

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The Beauty of Being Square

Be there or be square says the old saying. Don’t be a square says another (even older one). Granted, being a ‘square’ probably isn’t the worst insult that’ll be hurled your way during your lifetime. But, when you think about it, there’s a whole load of positivity around squares too. How many times have you said that you’re just going to square things up as you pay the bill or ‘let’s make it fair and square’ as you sort out a deal. And when you take a look at the... Read More


New Home New Storage

The fresh paint is on the walls, the gleaming worktops are laid and the bi-fold doors are fitted and ready to let the outdoors in. Finally, the wait is over and you can move into your gorgeous new home and invite family and friends round for that housewarming you’ve been dreaming of. But hang on, where are you going to store everything that your well-loved rental once accommodated? Your home (especially if it’s a new build) might feel bigger but it doesn’t seem to have all of the cute and... Read More

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Kleinn Wire Shelving Design

It’s not always easy when a product you love has a makeover, especially when it seems you’re getting less. Like tins of Quality Street, they seemed so massive once upon a time! Or triangles of deliciously moreish Toblerone. But things getting smaller isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to our gorgeous Chrome Wire Shelving. As products go, our Chrome Wire range features some of your favourite products- and they are getting smaller, and in our opinion better than ever. Here are our top picks from the new... Read More


Spring Into Storage

There’s nothing like a gorgeous new homeware item to put a spring into your step and we’re all smiles here at Urbablogg because we’ve got some brilliant new furniture storage that we think you’re going to love. Not only lovely to look at, these ingenious pieces are also space saving storage saviours that are going to solve your home storage niggles this spring. The compact and clever desk. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a whole room to devote to an office, and so ‘the office’ is usually... Read More

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5 storage items to Marie Kondo your home

Who’d have thought that tidying up could be such an emotional experience. But if you’ve watched the brand new Tidying Up With Marie Kondo series on Netflix, you can be in no doubt that it absolutely is! Tears, wrangling with unwieldy clothes mountains and grappling with years of ingrained bad habits make this show compulsive viewing. And our favourite bit? Not only the transformation of the home into a calm and organised space, but the transformation of how the homeowners feel about their home. With tidying no longer something to... Read More

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Creating a craft space

More and more of us are getting into crafting. Whether it’s a way to de-stress after a long day, a hobby to while away the long winter nights or even a possible new business venture, crafting is creative, fun and something you can easily do at home. We caught up with some top crafters to find out their craft secrets: 1) Finding the perfect spot Mand from says: “Having your own dedicated craft space at home is beneficial for actually doing your crafts, and also keeps all your materials... Read More


Creating the perfect shelfie

1) The book shelfie. The original (and arguably) the best, the book shelfie was invented when people decided to turn their love of books into a gorgeous feature in their homes. Instead of organising by genre or author, aesthetics took pole position and books started to be arranged by shape, and (our favourite!) colour! Check out Bonnie Burton’s amazing book shelfie where she’s arranged all of her many, many books by shade and added in some quirky accessories to match. Create your own book shelfie with some hard wearing, high... Read More

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Merry Christmas from Urbaboxx

‘Tis the season of goodwill, celebration and gratitude and we at Urbaboxx have a big thank you to say to you, our lovely customers, for supporting us in our first year! We’ve seen some epic home trends in 2018 like the arrival of sumptuous velvet in our lounges, gold and jewel tones in our accessories and of course the brilliant She Shed! But perhaps our favourite thing of all about 2018 has been the big trend for function paired with style. When William Morris said: ‘Have nothing in your house... Read More


Setting up your Toddler’s Room

Older babies just peeping into toddlerhood are often tricky to buy for at Christmas because, well, they already have everything! But one thing they might not have is a toddler friendly bedroom. With children’s toy boxes already filled to the brim, there’s a definite trend now towards bedroom makeovers as Christmas gifts and if you have a plan to update your little one’s space this festive season, we have some expert advice. When the time is right. A big decision around this time is when to move a child into... Read More