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5 teen bedroom makeover hacks

If you’ve got a teen in the house, you’ll know that they can be the hardest to please members of the household. So, you can be forgiven for approaching the idea of a teen bedroom makeover with more than a little trepidation! Fear not though, we’ve got you covered with some expert advice. 1) Easy does it: Hands up if you remember the days when your child loved having you in their room? In the teen years however, an invite into their room can come as often as an invite... Read More

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5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter

Can you believe that classic show Friends will celebrate its 25th anniversary this autumn? Favourite bits? Ross’s ‘Pivot’, Janice’s ‘Oh. My. Gawd’, Phoebe’s first rendition of Smelly Cat and that time when Chandler discovered compulsive tidier Monica’s secret closet stuffed with all her junk. We could all relate because surely everyone has a cupboard just like that filled with things we’re just waiting to sort out! Monica kept her secret closet locked but there are much easier ways to hide your clutter- here are just 5. Coffee table. Every lounge... Read More


7 Stylish Clothes Rails for Awesome Extra Storage

Remember the days when you’d battle your way through the crowds of bargain hunters at an out of town furniture store to secure a trusty clothes rail? Nowadays you can sort out your clothes storage without even needing to wrangle a box (way too big) into the back of your car (way too small). Clothes rails are cost effective, portable and versatile. We have 7 stylish clothes rails for every life need. The adjustable one. When you buy a new clothes rail, who knows what it’ll end up storing. The... Read More

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Simple Ways to Screen Your Alcove Hanging Space

When you first went to look around your home, chances are that its quirky features are what sold it to you. That curved wall in the bathroom, the sloping ceiling in the little bedroom, and those cute alcoves in the master. Yet, the things that first attract you to a house can also be the ones that cause a dilemma when you come to make it a home. The trick is to embrace the quirks of your house and make the best use of the space. Like turning a bedroom... Read More


Monochrome Your Home

Laurel and Hardy, a 99 with a Flake, sun and sand. There are some pairings that are such classics that you can never imagine the one without the other. The same is true with interiors and one of our very favourite interior design twinsets is black and white- the classic monochrome look. And if you fancy bringing some contemporary yet classic monochrome to your home, we’ll show you how to make it work in every room of your house. In the master bedroom. There are so many ways to interpret... Read More

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Choosing the Right Colour Mood Board for Naturals

There’s something infinitely restful about using natural materials in your home. Crisp cotton sheets on your four poster bed. A statement wooden bookcase in your lounge. A natural woollen throw over the back of a sofa. Natural materials are long lasting, good looking and provide that timeless look in your home. The obvious colour palette to complement naturals is yet more naturals- but there are other choices too! Monochrome. If you want your interior design to be stylish, understated and elegant, teaming your natural materials with monochrome is the answer.... Read More


Hot SS19 Interior Trends

School is out, the sun is shining and fun filled days of picnics, country walks and garden BBQs beckon. Yes, summer is finally (thankfully!) here and with the long lazy summer ahead of you, now could be just the time for getting your home spruced up with some of the hottest interior design trends for SS19 and beyond. Pick n Mix. There was nothing better than a Pick ‘n Mix in the old days, and now you get to recreate that ‘throw everything in’ vibe in your home for SS19.... Read More

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The Beauty of Being Square

Be there or be square says the old saying. Don’t be a square says another (even older one). Granted, being a ‘square’ probably isn’t the worst insult that’ll be hurled your way during your lifetime. But, when you think about it, there’s a whole load of positivity around squares too. How many times have you said that you’re just going to square things up as you pay the bill or ‘let’s make it fair and square’ as you sort out a deal. And when you take a look at the... Read More


New Home New Storage

The fresh paint is on the walls, the gleaming worktops are laid and the bi-fold doors are fitted and ready to let the outdoors in. Finally, the wait is over and you can move into your gorgeous new home and invite family and friends round for that housewarming you’ve been dreaming of. But hang on, where are you going to store everything that your well-loved rental once accommodated? Your home (especially if it’s a new build) might feel bigger but it doesn’t seem to have all of the cute and... Read More

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Kleinn Wire Shelving Design

It’s not always easy when a product you love has a makeover, especially when it seems you’re getting less. Like tins of Quality Street, they seemed so massive once upon a time! Or triangles of deliciously moreish Toblerone. But things getting smaller isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it comes to our gorgeous Chrome Wire Shelving. As products go, our Chrome Wire range features some of your favourite products- and they are getting smaller, and in our opinion better than ever. Here are our top picks from the new... Read More