10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy

10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy

Ever feel like you race through the working week only to greet Saturday morning with a house that could be a contender for Britain’s Messiest Home? You’re not alone, as the majority of us put aside household chores like tidying and decluttering until the weekend. Instead, why not adopt the 10 minute Monday-Friday quick tidy routine and make your life a whole lot easier come Saturday? This is what you need to do.

Monday: After a busy weekend with visitors coming and going, kids traipsing through the house, doing the food shopping and more, one of the first places in your home to show the mess is the shoe storage area in your porch or hallway. Spend 10 minutes on Monday going through the shoes and sorting out anything that you no longer wear, or that the children no longer fit into, and bag them up to donate. Then select a sleek black 6 tier shoe rack, add the surviving shoes, and you’re done.

Tuesday: You read in the bath, in bed, in the lounge, leaving books stacking up behind you. Beware though, that book mountain can soon become a makeshift table for all kinds of junk. Your 10 minutes on Tuesday is for gathering your books from their various hidey holes around the house and creating a space for them within your home. The stylish and feelgood Hygge Black & Oak bookcase shelving unit will be happy to have them!

Wednesday: It’s Wednesday and worn clothes are starting to appear on bedroom floors, flung over doors and shoved into cupboards- basically anywhere other than where they are actually meant to be! Tackle the laundry time-bomb with a 10 minute dash around the house to gather anything that needs washing and put on a load- you’ll appreciate it at the weekend. And then train your family members to deposit clothes in the laundry basket instead. Our bestselling oyster laundry hamper will do the job.

Thursday: Today’s 10 minutes are all about the paperwork organisation. Use one storage box for important papers (like passports, certificates), one for household paperwork and one for keepsakes. Anything that’s no longer needed can be put to one side for shredding. If you have a lot of shredding to do, there are often local commercial shredding services who can give you a hand.

Friday: What with the mad scrabble through your wardrobe each day trying to gather some inspiration for what to wear, it’s little wonder that your closet begins to look a little worse for wear as you approach the weekend. Spend your 10 minutes on Friday doing a quick wardrobe tidy. Hang any clothes that have fallen down, pull out anything that needs to be repaired and organise belts onto a chrome accessory hanger. And if you’re feeling really organised, you could even set out your outfit for Monday on a fabulous tailors dummy! Then relax, and get set for an easy-breezy weekend!

Photo by Madeleine Kohler on Unsplash

10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy
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10 Minute Organising Hacks to Keep the Home Tidy
Simple organising and decluttering techniques to implement quickly every day to keep the home tidy until deep-clean day.
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