5 storage items to Marie Kondo your home

Who’d have thought that tidying up could be such an emotional experience. But if you’ve watched the brand new Tidying Up With Marie Kondo series on Netflix, you can be in no doubt that it absolutely is! Tears, wrangling with unwieldy clothes mountains and grappling with years of ingrained bad habits make this show compulsive viewing. And our favourite bit? Not only the transformation of the home into a calm and organised space, but the transformation of how the homeowners feel about their home. With tidying no longer something to be feared, they finally experience the wellbeing effects of having an organised home. If you fancy trying some Marie Kondo inspired tidying, here are 5 storage items to help you!

1) Clear Storage Boxes. Even organisation supremo Marie Kondo looked shocked at the amount of collections one retired couple had amassed. Her solution? Clear Storage Boxes that quickly enable you to see exactly what’s inside the box. A much better solution says Marie, to “trash bags” which have the unfortunate effect of making your prized and treasured collections look like trash too!

2) Chrome Wire Clothes Rack. A big theme in the show is undoubtedly clothes and the first step to tidying clothes is gathering every item of clothing belonging to one person and heaping it onto their bed. Just this simple act had a huge psychological effect on the homeowners in the show, they simply couldn’t believe how much they owned. Then, it’s about assessing each piece and determining which “spark joy” which Marie’s describes as that happy feeling of holding a puppy, or wearing a favourite outfit; something warm and positive. Follow this process and you will almost certainly trim down your clothing, then you just need to arrange it on your Chrome Wire Clothes Rack.

3) Mini Storage Boxes. Marie’s KonMari method of tidying delves into every area of the home, even drawers. Marie’s advice for tidying drawers it to keep like items together by size and utilise tiny boxes to separate and store. If you don’t happen to have lots of tiny boxes to hand, you can use the Plastic Craft Storage Box which has two trays worth of tiny compartments which are perfect for storing little items. Or the Graphite/Silver Storage Boxes with lids.  Get separating and storing.

4) Chrome Wire Shelving Unit. If you want to go full on Marie Kondo you need to learn how to fold! Marie says that our sensitivity to joy can be honed and one way of doing this is by conveying love with your palms as you fold your clothes. With tops, you create a rectangle by folding each long end of the top into the middle, fold in half then fold into thirds, and with jeans you fold in half, then half again and finally into thirds. These little parcels should then be stacked in boxes not on top of each other but vertically so you see the short, neat edge of the clothing item and easily find what you need. Stacking and arranging your clothes like this in boxes has the added benefit of enabling you to see exactly what size of shelving unit you need to buy. This Chrome Wire Shelving Unit is a great size!

5) Clear Acrylic Stackable Box. Keeping a tidy home can be a challenge when you have children but Marie is clear that the process of tidying is something that the whole family should be on board with, including children. These Clear Acrylic Stackable Boxes are ideal for everything from Lego to LOL dolls. No fiddly lids for kids to struggle with, and easy for children to see exactly what’s inside without tipping everything out (though we can’t guarantee they won’t do this anyway!). See what sparks joy, sort and start stacking those boxes. Marie would be proud!

5 storage items to Marie Kondo your home
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5 storage items to Marie Kondo your home
If you fancy trying some Marie Kondo inspired tidying, here are 5 storage items to help you!
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