5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter

Can you believe that classic show Friends celebrated its 25th anniversary not so long ago? Favourite bits? Ross’s ‘Pivot’, Janice’s ‘Oh. My. Gawd’, Phoebe’s first rendition of Smelly Cat and that time when Chandler discovered compulsive tidier Monica’s secret closet stuffed with all her junk. We could all relate because surely everyone has a cupboard just like that filled with things we’re just waiting to sort out! Monica kept her secret closet locked but there are much easier ways to hide your clutter- here are just 5.

  1. Coffee table. Every lounge needs a coffee table (even Monica and Rachel’s apartment had one). They’re handy for putting your feet up on, resting your coffee mugs and stashing your clutter too. Go for one with two levels like this gorgeous hygge black and oak coffee table then you can keep the top surface for drinks and the bottom for storage. Grab a couple of white foldable storage boxes and use to store stacks of magazines or odds and ends. You’ll have a tidy home in a jiffy, and no-one will even know where you keep your clutter!
  2. Under the bed. The previous resident of this space (odd socks and dust) better get ready to share as under the bed has massive potential to (sneakily) store your clutter. You can fit literally piles of clutter beneath the bed with the help of some under bed storage bags. Both flexible and hard wearing, you can load these beauties up with clothes or other pieces that you just can’t bear to part with and store it right under the bed. The ultimate home organisation tool and from just £5!
  3. In the wardrobe. We already know the wardrobe is a great place to store stuff, but if you’re clever you can cram a lot more in without having to fear it’s all going to explode all over you every time you open the door. Organise it into sections, making the most of every inch. A pack of 20 chrome accessory hangers mean you can hang belts, bags, hats and ties neatly, whilst a 4 tier wire shoe rack will hold 12 pairs of shoes tidily. No one need ever know about your shoe and accessory obsession!
  4. The kitchen cupboards. What more can you possibly fit into your kitchen cupboards we hear you cry? Well quite a lot actually. It all comes down to how you organise your cupboards. Get your medicines gathered in a little really useful plastic box and use more of them to store dried herbs, packet sauces or baking items. When these boxes are stacked up, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can declutter your kitchen cupboards!
  5. The bookcase. Don’t let the name deceive you as the humble bookcase can be used to store a whole lot more than just books! Take one black and oak hygge bookcase and one set of clear acrylic storage boxes and you’ve got everything you need to tastefully store all of your clutter. A row of these beauties along the bottom shelf of your bookcase and you can fill with anything from the kids’ toys to old photos- whatever you fancy! With these sneaky tips to hide all of your clutter, maybe you can finally give up your ‘secret closet’ too?!
5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter
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5 Sneaky Ways to Hide All of Your Clutter
We all have a secret hiding place for our clutter but how about these simple hacks to make light work of keeping sneaky, tidy in every room.
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