5 Cute Items to Style Your Wedding

Classic wedding movie My Best Friend’s Wedding celebrated its 22 year anniversary this year. But if that movie was remade in 2019, we reckon actress Julia Roberts would definitely be a groomsgirl. Bridesmen and groomsgirls are just two of the trends that are making their way into 2019 weddings, along with wedding dresses with pockets, simple dresses in the style of Meghan Markle and bright corals and hot pinks taking the place of pastels. And if you’re getting married in 2019, here are 5 cute items to make your wedding even more memorable.

1) Welcome to our wedding. Ladders display units are a major trend in weddings right now and we’re thrilled to have wedding ladders in white and oak for you to customise to suit your wedding. We’re seeing the white wedding ladder adorned with jam jars filled with garden flowers like cow parsley, bluebells, lilac and lavender, topped with twine and finished with a little sign welcoming guests encased in a vintage frame. Or the oak wedding ladder with trailing ivy and seating plans on thick card hung from flower garlands between each rung of the ladder. And after the wedding, your ladder will look just as wonderful in your home.

2) Leave us a message. Where once there was the wedding book for guests’ to leave messages for the happy couple, new trends include jigsaws, messages in a bottle and the polaroid ladder where you set up a Ladder Display Unit and ask everyone to take a snap, add a message and pin to the ladder. For something different, pin a Grid Mesh to the wall, leave little pots of pens and miniature pegs and let guests add their own message of good luck. Easy to display at home after the wedding too!

3) Every inch beautiful. Personalising your venue to make it reflect you and your loved one is key, and every inch can look amazing, even the corners with our corner shelving units in oak, white or black. These would look lovely with cascading blooms, filled with glass jars and candles or with framed pictures of the wedding couple. In a really small space, you can even have one shelving unit in each corner and use bunting or twine to link the two and display more pictures!

4) Gorgeous tables. Whether you’re having a formal 3 course dinner or a casual wedding breakfast of fish and chips, it’s still a lovely touch to give each table a name. Flower and candle centrepieces look beautiful, but instead of a glass or ceramic vase, why not style some of the Maxximo single cubes? Place open side down on the table and fill with luscious peonies and roses. You could even customise each cube with a stencilling set (available from craft stores) and create a cute wedding prop that you can use in your home for storage afterwards.

5) Thank you for coming. And when your perfect day comes to a close, you might want to give your guests a little memento of your wedding to thank them for sharing your special day. The White Ladder Display Unit can be set up in so many cute ways. How about a DIY sweet shop with retro sweets in your wedding colours and mini bottles and scoops? Or a cupcake stall filled with bite sized thank you cakes, potted plants, small pots of jam, packets of seeds or tiny decorative signs engraved with the date of your wedding. There are so many interesting ways to use our versatile display pieces in your wedding, and we can’t wait to see the results!

Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

5 Cute Items to Style Your Wedding
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5 Cute Items to Style Your Wedding
Personalise your wedding with your dedicated Wedding Ladder, filled with the things that are special to only you, while allowing your guests to add their tokens and messages to make your special day truly unique.
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